Hector Ceballos   -   Writer/Director
Hector hails from the bordertown of Nogales, AZ. He works in film and TV and devoted four years to managing HIV prevention programs for queer Latino immigrants in San Francisco. He has a BA in Film Studies from Columbia University and an MFA in Film from USC.

Moisés Zamora   -   Executive Producer
Born and raised in El Limón, Jalisco until age 13, he is an award-winning novelist and a graduate of Brown University. In 2008, he founded 10 Pesos Media. A short documentary he directed entitled, “The Thief of Things,” is currently in festivals.

John Blair   -   Producer
An award-winning producer, he has shepherded such projects as "Clear, Cut, Simple," which won awards from BAFTA, the Shanghai Film Festival, SXSW, the Emmies and DGA. He has a BA in American Studies from Georgetown University and an MFA in filmmaking from USC.

Kat Lo   -   Producer
A writer and director, Kat studied Art and Anthropology at Yale University and Film Production at USC. She strongly believes in contributing to independent film because she is committed to new ways of telling stories and new stories to be told.

Anthony C. Kuhnz   -   Director of Photography
Anthony is a Mid-Westerner with an Eastern sensibility. He graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in Radio/Television/ Film and Art Theory/Practice and USC with an MFA in cinematography.

Christopher Makoto Yogi   -   Editor
Christopher was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i. An avid writer, Chris won the 2002 MAGMA Hawai’i short screenplay award. He has a BA from the University of Hawai’i and an MFA from USC.

Manny Knowles   -   Sound Designer
Manny is from the Bahamian island of Nassau and boasts many credits on feature-length and short film productions, including producing, writing, and directing. He has an MFA in Film Production from USC.