Mariana Marroquín   -   Fidelia
She studied acting at the National School of Dramatic Arts in Guatemala before immigrating to Los Angeles. She performs tirelessly year round as a member of two theater companies and is a community health advocate for a local non-profit.

María Roman   -   Alma Flora
Once an influential transgender activist, this Puertorrican bombshell recently began building a career in entertainment. She appeared in the critically acclaimed Showtime documentary Transtasia, and is the lead in the reality show Wild Things, also on Showtime.

Ángel Zérmen   -   Flaco
Angel was born in Veracruz, Mexico. He has trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and UCLA, among other places. He has performed in numerous film, television and stage productions. He has a degree in journalism and is trying his hand at screenwriting.

Tina D'Marco   -   Mrs. Ramos
A seasoned actress and native Angeleno, Tina has worked with such film greats as George Lucas and appeared in countless tv spots and series, including The Gilmore Girls and Days of Our Lives. She is also a bilingual voiceover coach. She studied Theatre Arts at UCLA.

Mario Z. Álvarez   -   Mr. Ramos

Kenia   -   Linda